Bamboo Piksters
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Bamboo Piksters

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It's the interdental brush we've all come to love, only now with less plastic!

With a Bamboo handle and a biodegradable cap, the all new Bamboo Piksters are sustainably sourced and 97% biodegradable.

For those unfamiliar with these wonderful inventions; Piksters are interdental brushes that are used to remove plaque from difficult areas between our teeth. In some cases, Piksters can be more effective on plaque removal than traditional floss. And much easier too!

Bamboo Piksters can also be re-used over and over again until the bristles wear away. It's recommended to wash and dry the bristles and replace the cap after each use.

We stock sizes 1, 3 & 5 100% of the time. Bamboo Piksters come in a range of sizes from sizes 00 - 6. If it's another size you're after please contact us and we can make your size request available to you.