Dopp Bag The Ecoteeth Dopp Bag
Dopp Bag The Ecoteeth Dopp Bag
Dopp Bag The Ecoteeth Dopp Bag
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Dopp Bag The Ecoteeth Dopp Bag

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We've combined all our fave products into one awesome little overnight bag! So you  can take your eco goodies with you everywhere you go. Makes for the perfect sustainable gift too.

The newest addition to the Ecoteeth range, handcrafted in Australia by our new pal Papercutz. 

Let us introduce to you 'The Dopp Bag' made from sustainable washable paper - labelled the new vegan leather! Looks like leather, washes like fabric but is actually made of paper... What?! So clever.

Inside the Dopp bag you will find:

  - 125 Tabs (2 Month supply Denttabs)

  - 1 Bamboo Toothbrush

  - 1 Dental Lace


More about 'The Dopp Bag'

Could this be the most sustainable material yet? Made from cultivated plant fibre, washable paper is 100% biodegradable, light weight and very durable.

Once dirty, the Dopp bag can be placed in the washing machine and voilà, a clean and renewed leather-look product.

The best part about washable paper is that it is guaranteed no harmful substances were used in the entire production process.

You can find more information about the material here